MELMA was co-founded by Melissa Ghidini and Mattia Rubino. Born out of the need to work with fluidity as a structuring and ontological tool, the collective seeks to find organic, process-driven approaches that can enrich the development of art related projects and research, allowing space for experimenting and reshaping of multidisciplinary as well as interdisciplinary artistic projects.

MELMA aims at facing and challenging barriers, questioning narratives, exposing common assumptions and looks to expand, mutate and explore art as a concept, as a tool, as a clichè.

The collective has collaborated with many artists and seeks to explore art in its diverse shapes: from editorial projects, to video and photography, from performance, research and site-specific curatorial endeavours. Often trying to hybridise, multiply, redefine and deconstruct these forms, critically engaging with the possibility of forming, re-forming and de-forming multiple links and connections.

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