Archivio Zero

Mattia Rubino


Format: 10 X 15 cm

Material: Recycled paper

Pag: Leporello / Maze Book

Edition: 100 hand-numbered copies

Price: $13

foto archivio 0-824 copia.jpg
foto archivio 0-798.jpg

Archivio zero features a selection of 35mm photos taken during three years in Milan.  The book is characterized by a labyrinthine and unconventional structure. A path, in which the reader can navigate in search for a personal narrative. The poignant granular photographs and the labyrinthine structure of the mazebook, contribute to evoke a violent but extremely human poetic. The photographer walks the streets as a flaneur, as a psychogeographer as well as a voyeur, collecting moments and seeking contact with the unknown, looking for multiplicity in the everyday and re-emerging with unexpected traces and paths. The viewer is thus complicit but also whitness of the artist's quest for exchange.

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