Melissa Ghidini


Format: 10 X 15 cm

Material: Recycled paper

Pag: Leporello / Maze Book

Edition: 100 hand-numbered copies


foto archivio 0-863 copia.jpg
foto archivio 0-861.jpg

Stocolma (word play and reference to Stockholm and the feeling of being full) is a publication derived from a one year project in Sweden, where Melissa documented and collected edited pictures on her Iphone 4 as a way to trace her experience while also mapping a new personal and  parallel narrative. Experimenting with Apps such as Instagram, Facebook and Whatsapp, as well as pop-up ads, selfies and profile pictures, the artist used settings, screenshots, her body as compositional tools to manipulate and construct new images, instances that can be reproduced but never re-enacted. The result is a diary, but also a travel book, but also an art book and a maze of connected multiple and intimate moments.

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